Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Portfolio 09


  1. Terrific paintings, all. Enjoyed your writing as well. Thanks :-)

  2. WOW Lauren you are amazing!
    When i grow up i want to be like you :)
    Almost half of them id never seen before. They are amazing as always. The second one is beautiful and I am sooo in love with the last one, I desperately wish it was hanging on my wall. If only i had enough money to buy it.

    My dear friend you are a talented lady.

  3. Goodness, thank you to you both!
    I am so flattered.
    Tash you make me laugh.

  4. Beautiful painting and meaningful writing for one so young. Keep on!
    Do you sell your artwork?

  5. How lovely, Thank you.
    I've sold two pieces of my art thus far.
    However (at the moment)I'm more interested in progressing in technique and style.

  6. these are incredible! wow I've always wanted to paint and tried a few times but I suck at it lol.

    Thanks so much for looking at my blog! it's nice to see another Aussie blogger out there.
    Happy 21st too :)