Friday, December 25, 2009

Festivities and food


The phones are off and the music's on.

Christmas 'Oh nine' didn't snow for us. (It never does in Australia...really)
But the rain was so fine and gentle that it fell like snow.
Our Festivities began with Christmas Eve.
There is nothing better than the feeling before Christmas day.
My whole family and I dine at the local pub. My grandmother arrives Santa style with hats, flashing lights and games. Although we're getting far too old for such things, we pretend to enjoy it. And after dinner, my cousins and I walk back home in the dark with glow sticks ... to be greeted with mums all famous 'ROCKY road Christmas tree'. Deliciously deadly.
This is usually followed by 'Meet me in St Louis', however my brother and sister in law, decided they'd rather be on a cruise than spend Christmas with us, thus no movie.
Perhaps I'll get my Judy Garland fix next year.
Christmas day was just devine, I was spoilt with presents and lots and lots of glorious food.
And I couldn't help but share it all with you.


  1. so gorgeous and sweet christmas pics. It looks very beautiful. And it sounds as if you had a great christmas.
    greetings from germany

  2. Freaking YUM!!! now I wanna have Christmas all over again lol ok maybe just the food and the holidays.