Thursday, November 19, 2009

Melbourne you were great

I came. I saw. I conquered.
Perhaps conquered wasn't the right word, exactly.
You see my trip to Melbourne, although fleeting, had been staring at me like an ugly dark smudge for months. It was my VCA art interview. The 20mins that would change my life forever. I was momentarily blinded to the beauty of my favourite city, clouded from overwhelming anxiety and stress. It's hard to know,what to say,. what to do, where to go. First times are never easy. And frankly at one stage I wanted to bolt, or throw myself of the balcony of our 16th floor.In the waiting room, I was comforted by a young male. Such a character, chatted and talked to everyone in the room. I think the moment my tummy settled was when I saw the difficulty everyone was having with their awkward sized canvases and portfolio's, parchments of paper flying and sculptures precariously sticking out of buckets or boxes. I was like them. They were like me, scared shitless and weighted under over sized packages. And it was then I began to breathe. It wasn't so bad. The panel was nice. And all in a whirlwind of colour and fairy lights, I find myself back in the 'not so cultured and vibrant' sunshine coast.

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