Friday, November 27, 2009

The Meaning

'All I want to be is someone who creates truly meaningful things.'
My ambition is to be an artist, not a famous artist, not a particularly wealthy artist but someone who creates images for a living. Someone that can capture an emotion or personal narrative so perfectly that viewer is transported to a different place. Painting and colour represent the magic in my life. I'm following my dream and I don't particularly mind if I go insane or end up homeless and creating chalk drawings on the pavement. I have much to learn and all I can do is hope that I am given the opportunity to do so.


  1. I understand you completely and share your dream.
    I honestly wish i were as talented as you. Just keep aiming towards your dreams and you will go far. you are an amazing person and a talented artist.
    Good luck with your interview on monday :)

  2. Tash don't be ridiculous. As if you aren't as talented as me, or more so for that matter!!
    But thank you so much for your words, you're an incredible support and inspiration to me

  3. Beautifully said Lauren. I agree with you absolutely! Wish I could have said it so well. Sometimes I find it hard to put into words how I feel but this says it all.