Monday, February 28, 2011

Colourful jewels of inspiration

the pictures that make me happy

Shaun Tan

I'm right at the start of a run, the moment when you're about to begin a 5 hour math test. That breathlessness when you know of all the hardship ahead. A part of me is excited about all the images and paintings I'll get to explore and create. The other half is shivering, it knows all to well the frustration and long hours that lie between me and christmas. I think once I start... everything will seem easier. So at the moment I'm distracting myself by my favourite images, hoping they will give me the motivation and inspiration I need.


  1. love these picks they are all so beautiful.
    wishing you the best of luck for the year ahead.

  2. I love the girl in the chair in the house - reminds me of me - never enough room for my thoughts! Also adore the house covered in balloons and Shirley Temple :) Saw your mumma yesterday - she gave me a hug on a day I really needed one. Miss you. Mx

  3. @ Tash, Thank you very much, all the best with your year too x

    @ M, The girl in the house reminds me of you aswell. Awe, I love mum's hugs, I glad that she was able to give you one :) I miss you very much. I hope that March is a wonderful month for you, Lauren x

  4. Shaun Tan rocks, I should get around to buying a book of his.

  5. He is so amazing. I want to collect all of them!