Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There's nothing like the smell of Turps in the morning

This is the body of work thus far. With everything due tomorrow, i've spent the last few hours wishing the paint to dry. As I always work with oils, it can take up to 5 days for the paint to fully dry, as I have until tomorrow at 8.15 am, this could be a big problem.
Most of these are works in progress, and I have a massive bit of green canvas with a face in the middle of my room. I have to tip toe around it to get to my closet, and i've got palettes and paint and brushes and bottles and paper all over the place. Yes my room as turned into a little art cave, where nothing is quite safe from the smell of TURPS, oil, paint, and tuna or mangoes. (my two main food groups at the moment)
I really must get onto cleaning up this joint, once I have placed everything I am in the hands of the markers.
wish me luck


  1. these are coming along really well.
    i just realised that they are all male. is there a reason you swapped from girls to boys? i loved your doe eyed ladies
    the old man with the water is really cool.
    the second one so looks like jordan. your faces are amazing. does he sit for you?
    the young boys gaze is very deep, looks great with the grey fabric
    i hope they love them to

  2. Thanks Tash.
    I just noticed myself, that i've steered away from painting females. It was both deliberate and not. I have 3 boys that are lovely and willing to sit for me. I do have one lovely lady to paint. But most of my girls are back in qld (aren't you).
    And lately I've been practicing painting in the moment with a life model. Rather then of a photo/image. And also, some of the concepts I've been working with have been heavier portrayed by men, when painting a female, it's hard to go past their prettiness. lol does that make sense?
    And yes jordan does sit for me. He likes it and is a great model.
    love you heaps.
    see you soonish I hope xx