Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've come a long way to just fall back into line.


I've FINISHED, yes you didn't believe I'd make it did you?
Today I have placed the paint brush down for a moment.
Handed in my finals, ( took a mighty effort of transport) ...I traversed across 8 lanes of traffic, up 4 flights of stairs, trollied down coles carparks, up lifts, and many falls and spills. And now I am finally back in my little room, with piles of paintings and faces stacked beside me. I'm out of breath and out of myself. All this effort all this time and soul for just 3 hours of today. I'm so glad I got to the end, I created so much work, I was drowning myself in it. I hope it was recieved well. Fingers crossed. The pictures are of the work I installed, the rest were put in piles to be veiwed as back up work, ( i hope they bothered to go through it all)
Until next time, until then.


  1. Just gorgeous Lauren, the final setup has a good flow and impact.
    You saw my initial reactions to the pieces and I'm still intrigued by them, beautiful :)
    Congratulations on getting it all in!

  2. OH MY!!

    These are breathtaking..
    which I had the talent of painting like you.
    You're so goodxo

    hope to hear from you~

  3. @ Em, thanks a bunch. I am always intrigued by your works and ideas, and your words mean a lot to me.xx
    And thanks Amy, that's so nice of you. I like your blog x