Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the boys go on and on

Living without love. Is it possible? Does the quality of life diminish?
I can't stand the quiet or white walls.
Things are different now. Does that mean i have to change?
welcome to my new world. it's fresh, clean and white. like a hospital.
Drawing class is amazing. I think I'll improve, I can feel it.
Await my scratchings.


  1. my walls are still quite plain too. and i still feel strange because the space is mine but at the same time its not. the busy warmth of my crazy family is no longer there and i feel lost. but its the begining of a new chapter in our lives its time for us to create our own love and warmth.

  2. Awe tash, it seems we are in the same place at the moment. At least you have Michael :)
    It's a new adventure and that's how I'm trying to take it.
    No use stressing about uni this year. I jus hope to get through and enjoy the journey and what it brings me xxx

  3. Lovely and thought provoking words. Thank you.