Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take Flight

So I've bundled my life belongings into three suitcases.
Everything I am and need.
Leaving my comfortable space to study art in Victoria.
Seeing as I've been in the same little house on the same little hill in the same little town all of my life, I consider moving to the city... pretty massive.
I'm not sure if i know how to cook or look after myself.
Things shall be interesting.
I hope for the best.


  1. my dear you shall be fine don't you worry. if ever you get lonely just call a friend.
    ill try email u every week and we can swap recipes and home sick troubles.

  2. I bet you'll have a wonderful time, figuring everything out, studying that what you love, exploring a new city. It sounds amazing to me, and amazingly scary at the same time
    Congratulations & good luck

  3. I hope you have made it and are now comfortable in your new home xx been a while since I visited your blog glad I found you again xx

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