Thursday, August 25, 2011

The space between...

Exploring the theme of emotion as a tangible object has lead to some interesting medium discoveries. I happened on the touchable bubble apparatus in a kids store, which for your informtation continues to be fun over the ages of 8-10. I filled up my studio with the strangely bouncey shapes last week. (I'd never had such fun in studio time). This strange and light inhibiting form is delicate and represents to me the 'unseen' but felt quality emotions tend to have. In relation to human interaction, being intune to one anothers emotions, reacting, manipulating and mirroring bodylanguage...the bubble works well in articulating all of these. The way it bounces and never really settles to the skin. It deflates in a few hours...becoming allusive and momentory. Like feelings we wish we could bottle up, but know that we can't. My most generous significant other, lent me his body and I made a film introducing the invisible-visible, like a reversed magic trick. The film (in it's raw stages) came out very intimate and voyeristic. I'll post it up when I can and in the meantime here are some images I photographed. It's interesting how the bubbles wrinkle against the skin, and even seemed to have their own fingerprints.

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