Friday, May 27, 2011

The Black Booth

Jess and I were assigned the project space ( the space between the three white walls of studio). Throughout the mumbo-jumbo of conceptual art and the question of whether art is really art at all, a thought occurred. 'What If..' an exhibition was held for just one viewer. Just one audience member. Jess and I limitied our viewer to the unassuming Tom in our class. Hence we made a private booth restricted only to Tom's inhabitants. The construction of our booth, took much more trouble and handyman skills then were expected. (It was a very satisfying accomplishment to have it successfully standing). When the class came to veiw our creation in a tutorial, no one was allowed to participate aside Tom. Oh the annoyance, and dismay....'what's behind the curtain?' they cried. And yet no one shall ever know except Jess and I (oh and Tom).............perhaps nothing at all. Now that's a concept for you.

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