Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brunswick St

Rosslynd Piggott

Mirror mirror no 1


Oil & palladium leaf on linen,
hand slumped,
sandblasted and mirrored glass by David Herbert
2 panels, each 100 x 75 x 2cm

I had the pleasure of seeing a lecture by Rosslynd Piggott yesterday. It has been a while since I've been enthralled and inspired by a lecture at uni. She had me hooked. Not only were her works, subtle and demure they had such a quiet strength about them. Her collaborative works with glass blowers were among my favourites...where she captures breath. The art is so visually satisfying as well as conceptually articulate. I was so compelled I went and hunted the gallery with her work displayed in brunswick st, (opposite the jasmine covered cafe, that sells particularly good, gluten free pumpkin pizza's)

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